Welcome to the digital home of First Baptist Church of Kenai, Alaska. We have been serving the people of the Kenai Peninsula for over 50 years.

We are intentional about connecting people to Christ. We invite you to learn about how we take people through that journey. We seek to continue to change our community and make the Kenai Peninsula better.

Here at FBCKenai it doesn't matter where you come from or what your past might be, this is a place of new beginnings. We are a Christ-centered community where you will be loved, encouraged, and challenged to discover not only a better life but LIFE itself through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have a strong vision and passion to see those far from God filled with life in Christ.

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  • IMB Week of Prayer

    DAY 7

    What God Has Done

    In every corner of the world, God is drawing hearts to himself in amazing ways. Just ask the woman in Southeast Asia healed from partial deafness after an IMB missionary prayed over her. Or ask the dad in France who became a believer after a “chance” encounter with a follower of Christ at his son’s soccer game. Though the ground can be hard, stories of miracles and changed lives abound on the international mission field.

    Here’s how you can pray for God’s work in the world today:

    PRAY for God to continue to work in mysterious ways in the lives of people all over the world.

    PRAY for hearts from every people group to be drawn to worship Jesus.

    Discover more about what God has done—and is doing—through video, photos, and more prayer requests imb.org.

  • IMB Week of Prayer

    DAY 6

    Mikeska Family in London

    At Shane and Lindsay Mikeska's house in London, Christmas tradition is anything but traditional. Holiday after holiday, the world converges in their kitchen. It’s something the Mikeskas say happens all the time in their city. London has 48 universities, and a quarter of the student population comes from other countries. Across the city, 300 languages are spoken.

    Here’s how you can pray for the Mikeskas today:

    PRAY the Mikeskas would continue to form strategic friendships with internationals in order to reach unreached people in London

    PRAY God would put a desire in the hearts of new believers to take the gospel back to their countries.

    Get to know the Mikeskas family and their ministry through video, photos, and more prayer requests at imb.org.

  • IMB Week of Prayer

    DAY 5

    The Fogotten Refugee

    “Hopelessness is a universal feeling among refugees,” says IMB missionary Don Alan*. “They feel forgotten.”

    That’s why IMB missionaries like Don, who serves in North Africa and the Middle East, and Seth Payton*, who works with refugees in Europe, spend their lives taking hope into those hopeless places.

    Please pray for refugees today:

    PRAY for God to meet them in their pain with the hope of the gospel.

    PRAY for people to feel God’s call to share Christ with refugees in the United States and abroad.

    Discover more about ministry to refugees through video, photos, and more prayer requests at imb.org.

  • IMB Week of Prayer

    DAY 4

    Mexico City Team

    When you’re an IMB missionary team of 12 in Mexico, how do you even start to reach a city of more than 28 million people? With one vision—to see the world worship Jesus and for it to start right where you are.

    Please pray for the amazing work of the Mexico City team today:

    PRAY for churches to be planted in the unreached neighborhoods of Mexico City.

    PRAY for God to call out among his people in Mexico those that he would like to go into the most unreached pockets of the city, of the country, and out into the nations.

    Discover more about ministry in Mexico City through video, photos, and more prayer requests at imb.org

  • IMB Week of Prayer

    Day 3

    Jones Family

    From the minute Tara Jones walked through the door of her new pediatrician’s office, she knew something was going on that was bigger than the fact she had a sick child. Tara and her husband, Jared, had been praying for years for God to start a fire in the hearts of the people of Japan, where the couple serves as IMB missionaries.

    They had been praying for God to open very specific doors—doors that many people had told them were sealed shut. And they had been praying for God to soften hearts in a country many consider hard, cold, and closed.

    “Jared and I had been praying about where God would want us to start a church,” Tara said. “The time had just never been quite right.” The Joneses weren’t the only ones praying—people back home were too, including Tara’s parents, Bill and Barbara Greene in Alabama.

    “My parents are prayer warriors,” Tara said, “and my dad had been praying that God would give us a national partner that we would have to run to keep up with. He said, ‘I just feel like God is going to do something big.’”

    “As she shared, I knew God had brought our paths together.”

    So that day when Tara met the pediatrician, she knew immediately that God was answering her father’s prayer for God to shake a nation where less than 1 percent of the population claims Christianity.

    “Our pediatrician asked me out of the blue, ‘You guys are church planters, right?’ She said she had been praying about starting a church there at her office,” Tara said. “As she shared, I knew God had brought our paths together.”

    Amazed, Tara went home and prayed with Jared, and they knew God was confirming this was exactly what He had in mind. The first week the new church opened its doors, more than 70 people came.

    “Jared and I were amazed—people showed up who we hadn’t seen in years, people we had tried to share the gospel with but thought nothing had taken root,” Tara said. “We just looked at each other and wept. It was a beautiful picture of what God had been preparing.”

    The hearts they’ve seen change in the months that followed represent a harvest only God could bring about, Jared said. “God was already at work,” he said. “He can make doors where doors don’t exist.” Tara’s dad, Bill, said amazing is the only word he can think of to describe it. “We’ve seen God’s faithfulness to answer prayer, and we pray that Japan will be the place where the next great spiritual awakening begins,” he said.

    Pray for

    • the people who attend the church in the pediatrician’s office to continue to bring their lost friends and show them what it looks like to live a life changed by Christ. Ask that hearts will continue to be changed.
    • the church to be firmly planted, a lighthouse in the community, and a strong witness for decades to come.

    For more information on the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, visit here, or give online.

  • Week of Prayer for International Missions 2017, Day Two-Muslims of Russia

    Day 2 

    Muslims of Russia

    Argun* is tough. He and his friend Carlos*, a businessman who moved to Russia to share Christ with Muslims, spend many nights at a martial arts club in Moscow.

    And when they do, Argun doesn’t lose very often.

    When he first met Carlos, Argun was very closed to the gospel, even hostile. He associated Christians with the Russian army, the ones who bombed his childhood home in Chechnya. But ever since Argun moved to Moscow, his friendship with Carlos has softened his heart.

    He’s reading the Bible, asking questions about Jesus, and trying to make sense of how real Christianity stacks up to the Muslim faith he grew up with. And that, Carlos says, is huge.

    Where Argun is from, Islam is part of the fabric of life. Muslim groups are indigenous to the North Caucasus region of Russia, a mountainous area between the Black and Caspian Seas. Chechens live there, but also Circassians, Ingush, Dargin, Avar and Lezghi and 45 to 50 subsets of people, all with their own dialects. It’s a modern-day Babel—geographers once labeled the region “the mountain of languages.”

    “To say the people there are hard to reach would be an understatement.”

    To say the people there are hard to reach would be an understatement. The plethora of languages and the lack of local believers have made Scripture translation very difficult. Many of the Caucasus people live and work in virtual isolation in their villages. It’s a lifestyle that has preserved the unique and varied cultures for centuries, but it has also kept them from hearing the name of Jesus.

    But the tide is shifting—these days, many of them are moving into Russia’s megacities looking for work, reminding Russia of the historic presence of Islam within its borders. Moscow now has more Muslims than any other European city. Its newly reopened Grand Mosque can hold 10,000 worshippers.

    It’s a miraculous move of God to shift them into the city and allow such unprecedented access, according to Elizabeth*, a Christian worker among Muslims in Moscow. “God says, ‘If you can’t go to them, I’ll bring them to you,’ ” she said. “There’s no better time to be in the former Soviet Union. God is moving Muslims right under our noses.”

    And like Argun, many are open to friendships with Christians and, over time and through relationships, learning about Who Jesus really is. “I think he’s really questioning,” Carlos said of Argun. Those kinds of questions are what he, Elizabeth, and others serving in Russia hope and pray for daily.

    *Names changed.

    Pray for

    • God to continue to draw Muslims in Russia to faith in Christ, and they would have dreams and visions of Jesus coupled with a desire to read the Bible.
    • Christians to feel called to develop friendships with Muslims so that they would have the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

    For more information on the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, visit here, or give online.

  • IMB Week of Prayer

    DAY 1

    Bagby Family in Nepal

    Getting to the 28 people groups in the mountains of Nepal takes a journey of weeks by car, plane, and trekking on foot—and that’s if everything goes just right. These are some of the challenges the Bagby family faces as they share the gospel in Nepal. They need your prayers.

    PRAY for God to remove barriers as they hike to unreached people groups.

    PRAY God will continue to open hearts in Nepal and raise up national believers who will boldly take the gospel to other villages.

    Get to know the Bagby family and their ministry through video, photos, and more prayer requests at imb.org.

  December 2017  
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